Morrison's has a rich farming background that’s truly unique for a garden center. Owner Walter Morrison bought an existing Agway business in Sandwich after graduating from UMass with a degree in Agricultural Economics. As our local economy evolved, we adapted to the changing landscape by continuing to support the farming community while supplying both the horticulture trade and the homeowner.

    We’re proud to be Plymouth's favorite garden center and nursery. Unlike the big box stores, we're experts in horticulture and you will not find this level of knowledge and service anywhere else. From plants to pets to know-how, we’ve been helping Plymouth grow since 1972.

    Annual Bird Food Sale

    Our annual bird seed preseason sale is here! It's time to stock on premium Feathered Friend and Wild Delight bird food to help your backyard birds get through the winter.Read more...

    Some of Our Favorite Houseplants

    With winter weather on its way, it’s important to keep some green around to stave off those winter blues. So, we’ve put together a little list of some of our favorite houseplants that are sure to keep that spring spirit in your home!Read more...

    Fall & Winter Birds

    As fall approaches, and we begin to see a decline in the amount of Hummingbirds and Orioles visiting our feeders, it begs the question: what birds will be sticking around as the seasons change and winter arrives? Here are just some of the birds you can expect to see at your feeders even when the snow begins to fall.Read more...