Morrison's has a rich farming background that’s truly unique for a garden center. Owner Walter Morrison bought an existing Agway business in Sandwich after graduating from UMass with a degree in Agricultural Economics. As our local economy evolved, we adapted to the changing landscape by continuing to support the farming community while supplying both the horticulture trade and the homeowner.

    We’re proud to be Plymouth's favorite garden center and nursery. Unlike the big box stores, we're experts in horticulture and you will not find this level of knowledge and service anywhere else. From plants to pets to know-how, we’ve been helping Plymouth grow since 1972.

    Erosion and Living by the Ocean

    Living by the sea is beautiful, but every year we must deal with beach erosion. This year was particularly bad for many waterfront owners, here are some steps that can be taken to help minimize the loss of sand.Read more...

    Feed Your Pets Only the Best

    Start feeding your fur-babies with foods that contain ingredients that you would want to eat yourself and you’ll start to notice a difference immediately. Your pets will have healthier skin and a shinier coat, but the best part of all is you’ll notice an increase in energy and overall well-being.Read more...